• The basic principle of our discipline policy is to ensure the safety of the children and to provide an opportunity for the enrichment of their learning process. The policies below state what is expected of all students with respect to behavior, but do not limit the disciplinary actions that can be taken by the school administration. The school administration in consultation with the Board of Trustees reserves the right to change, modify, and implement this discipline policy.

Basic Tenets of Discipline

1. Self control as a responsible individual, which includes:

  • Courteous language.
  • Resolve conflict in a mature manner.
  • Be appropriately dressed and groomed in accordance with uniform policy.

2. Demonstrate a positive attitude by:

  • Taking a leadership role.
  • Being positive.
  • Being cooperative.

3. Respect the rights and feelings of others by:

  • Behaving in a manner that does not disrupt others.
  • Treating others with courtesy and respect, which requires to put yourself in the place of other person. (Whether that person is another student, teacher, parent, community member, administrator, lunchroom or custodial staff, or any guest on campus.).

4. Take responsibility for school property by:

  • Respecting the building, grounds, and property.
  • Keep the campus free from litter/garbage and anything that seems to spoil the image of the school.

5. Support the learning process by:

  • Attending class on time.
  • Being prepared for class (bring assignments, books, supplies, etc).
  • Following instructions and staying positive.
  • Participating in class activities.

6.  Get admitted to the Term Examinations by:

  • Claiming the student “Exam Hall Ticket” by paying the tuition fee on or before the last advertised date at Tuition Fee Schedule


  • Wisdom public school reserves the right to modify and/or amend the school Discipline Policy as necessary. Students/ Parents are expected to comply with the most updated version of the Discipline Policy.
  • The school has the right to search any student’s person, backpack, desk, and/or lockers at any time as deemed necessary to ensure safety of the school and adherence to school rules and policies.
  • There will be instances where a lesser or a greater penalty may be assessed than that listed in a level for a violation (depending upon the facts and circumstances of the action).
  • A parent/guardian will always be notified in writing before a suspension or any further disciplinary action is taken.
  • Students will be required to have ID badges attached to a lanyard and visible at all times for the purposes identification and attendance.  ID badges are considered part of the student dress code.  Lost or damaged ID badges must be replaced for a fee per replacement.