International Silverzone Olympiads:

Host: Silverzone Foundation (
Date: November, 2016
About Silverzone Foundation:
An International Platform to prove the Students’ mettle. Over 9000 Schools from more than 14 countries are registered members of the Solverzone Olympiads.
Highlight(s): Our student(s) have qualified for the secondary level olympiads in the “English Language” category.
Mathematics Olympiad Results:

Gold Medalist(s): 
Moumina Muslim (Standard I)
M.H. Farooqul Islam (Standard II)

Silver Medalist(s):
M.A.K Mohamed Amanullah (Standard II)

Bronze Medalist(s):
M.A.K. Shahul Hameed Rizwi (Standard II)

Science Olympiad Results:

Gold Medalist(s):
A.M. Nafeesa (Standard IV)
M.A. Sithi Balkees (Standard V)
M.A. Fareedha (Standard VI)
A.N. Nahla (Standard VIII)

Silver Medalist(s):
S.I. Aysha Nidha (Standard VI)
R.S. Katheeja Najla (Standard VIII)

Bronze Medalist(s):
S.M.F. Katheeja Mafrooha (Standard VII)

English Language Olympiad Results:

Gold Medalist(s):
Moumina Muslim (Standard I)
M.H. Farooqul Islam (Standard II)
Mohamed Yoosuf (Standard III)
A.M.Nafeesa (Standard IV, International Rank Holder)
S.I. Fathima Afra (Standard V)
S.I. Ayisha Nidha (Standard VI)

Silver Medalist(s):
A.B. Habeeba Muvafika (Standard II)
K.N. Sulaiha Riqaza (Standard IV)

Bronze Medalist(s):
S. Rumana (Standard II)